Hat Care

Wearing your hat

We hope that you love wearing your hat as much as we love each and every step of the magical production process. It does however need a little more care and attention than your average everyday hat.

Jukebox Fashion hats are hand crafted in the UK, with each and every piece of fabric, trim, gemstone and sequin carefully embellished and fixed in place. The base is always made from a genuine military hat (no Chinese copies to be found here) which means our products are tough enough to survive most weather conditions and the craziest of parties, but please do try and avoid prolonged contact with direct sunlight, heavy rainfall or taking it for a swim. 

Whilst we always source and buy the best quality materials that we can find, if the hat is being worn frequently then you may notice that some of the fabric and gemstones may fade or dull in colour.

Washing your hat

When it comes to cleaning your hat you should always wipe clean with a damp cloth. Never submerge in water and do not dry clean or tumble dry.

Tackle dirt and stains as soon as possible, rub the area gently with a damp cloth soaked in cold or tepid water. For stubborn stains try rubbing small amounts of mild detergent to the affected area, but avoid excessive treatment as this may remove some of the decoration.

Jukebox hat storage in a box

Storing your hat

All Jukebox Fashion hats come with their very own hard house box to ensure that they arrive safely and can be kept in pristine condition in-between festivals and parties.

To avoid damage to the delicate glitter, fabric and glue's used in our production process we recommend that you store your hat in cool, dry conditions and avoid prolonged contact with direct sunlight.