Our Story

Jukebox Fashion was cultivated on the principles of fun, shine and individuality. Explicitly designed for those who embrace adventure, were born to stand out, and most importantly, know how to party!

It is our mission to create the finest festival inspired headwear, outerwear and accessories designed to wake up your wardrobe!

Based in the beautiful South West of England, we take great pride in the fact that all our products are designed and handcrafted with endless love and attention right here in the UK.

Our official Jukebox Fashion motto pretty much says it all - Wear Normal is Boring!

The shine factor

At Jukebox Fashion HQ we think that glitter, jewels and sequins are the holy grail for festival fashion, and every creation starts right there. We take time and care to source as many of our materials as possible from sustainable and ethical producers.

Glitter fabric, sequins, gemstones and crystals.

When it comes to headwear, we source only the best! All our hats are hand crafted in the UK and built from genuine military bases, you won’t find any cheap Chinese copies here! Every piece of fabric, trim, gemstone and sequin is carefully embellished and fixed in place, which means they are tough enough to survive most weather conditions and the craziest of parties.

Where it all began

Jukebox Fashion is the partnership of festival fanatics, Holly and Andre. They met one night many moons ago whilst dancing in the rain at the famous Glastonbury Festival in England.

Never content with your average festival wardrobe, the couple would spend endless hours crafting the most amazing outfits and accessories to be unveiled at events all across the UK and Europe.

Holly and Andre Glastonbury couple 
The first signature Jukebox Fashion hat made its debut at Glastonbury Festival 2017, and following floods of compliments and enquiries - plus a guest appearance on the BBC - it made them think… how awesome would it be to do this for a living? Without a moment’s hesitation, Jukebox Fashion was born!

The designer

From a young age, Holly was surrounded by the inspiration that would one day lead her to launching her very own fashion label – Jukebox Fashion.

Holly spent her childhood growing up in magical music festivals where she honed her love for glitter and sparkles. Inspired by the amazing people that she met, and the incredible costumes always on display, Holly developed a passion for creating the extraordinary.

Young Holly and older Holly at Glastonbury

With a love for customising clothes and accessories, Holly decided to pursue a career in fashion and graduated with a 1st Class Hons in Fashion and Textile Design. After working for one of the UK’s leading couture and bridal textile design houses, where she regularly travelled to India, China and Hong Kong, Holly became obsessed with creating bespoke treasures and fabric manipulations.

When setting up Jukebox Fashion, Holly invested a lot of time and energy into developing a unique style that has allowed her to produce a truly distinctive collection of headwear and accessories. Holly always strives for perfection with her creations, actively turning every hat and outfit into a fully formed experience.